I have never been more dedicated to a product than I am to Glossier’s Balm Dot Com.

If you’ve tried Glossier’s Balm Dot Com, you already know how impressive it is. This is my holy grail product, the lip moisturizer that I couldn’t help but purchase in every flavor, and the product I recommend to literally everyone. I stay strapped with one in every coat pocket. The Balm Dot Com truly lives up to its name, it really is the bomb. 

I’m going to break down what I love so much about Glossier’s Balm Dot Com.

Glossier’s Balm Dot Com is extremely hydrating. I mean seriously, I once used the balm before a five hour long snowboarding session and it was still dewy on my lips hours later. I’m from a cold state, where my lips are dry almost every day. Feeling my lips moisturized after being out in the windy cold for hours encouraged me to purchase a set of three immediately after snowboarding. 

Plus, there is a flavor for everyone. Currently, Glossier has 8 flavors available on their website. There is an untinted unflavored original Balm Dot Com, and 7 others with tints and flavors across the board. Here is how I would describe each of the flavors I’ve tried:

  • Original

Perfect base for makeup, no shine, no flavor and no tint. The original is excellent for using before applying makeup for extra hydration. It’s a great go to for everyday moisture. 

  • Birthday

This is one of my favorites. The birthday flavor is slightly shinier than the original, however, it has what Glossier describes as a “subtle shimmer.” This is another great choice for a natural look with some glow to it. Plus, it smells like a birthday cake, no further comments…

  • Rose

This was the first of many Balm Dot Coms I have tried. Instantly, I loved its slight pink tint and intense hydration. The rose flavor has to be the most chill yet sharp of the collection. Its natural looking, but still gives lips a rosy tint. And, it smells like roses. 

  • Mint

This flavor is one of my favorites to bring with me everywhere. Perfect to use after going out to eat, or in cold weather. Mint makes your lips feel chilled yet hydrated at the same time.

  • Coconut

I know I already said this, but coconut is another one of my favorites. It feels so hydrating and it smells and tastes amazing! Coconut is always my go-to when it comes to Balm Dot Com. There is no tint to the coconut. 

  • Mango

The mango Balm Dot Com has the cutest tube for sure. The flavor is fruity and ripe. Glossier describes the mango tint as “peachy and rose” and that is indeed accurate. Mango is the best flavor to bring your vacation look to the next level. 

  • Cherry

The most dramatic tint of the Balm Dot Com collection. The cherry has a deep red tint, which I love in the summer. I go for that “I was just eating a popsicle look with the cherry flavor. It deepens your lip shade in a natural way. It smells like straight up cherries!

  • Fig

Last but not least, the fig balm. I believe the fig was a limited edition balm from Glossier’s collection. The fig comes in a lavender and green tube and has a slight purple tint. I LOVE the fig balm, I hope Glossier brings it back in the future. 

Aside from the fact that there are so many flavors to choose from, the best thing about this product is that it’s long lasting. It doesn’t just give temporary moisture, this stays put. I have recommended this product time and time again. I really use it every day, whether it’s right after brushing my teeth or before I walk to class in the cold. It’s an essential component of my skin care routine. 

I highly encourage anyone to try Balm Dot Com out, you won’t be disappointed!