Glad you found me!

Hello reader in the About section. My name is Chloe, I’m a journalism student at the University of Minnesota. I’ll soon be graduating with my bachelor’s degree and entering the ~workforce~ but I wanted to ensure I was still making time for the things I love. And for me, that looks like writing, having as many new experiences as possible, and getting the chance to talk to fascinating people about their favorite things!

I also started this site as a way to encourage others to get excited about writing. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy creating content, writing my material and editing my posts, I thought you might too! I’m hopeful some of you will send me an email asking to guest write (to which I will reply “hell yes!”). You can read more about this if you scroll down to Write for the Wellness Journalist.

The topics of this site are wellness related. Topics are all about beauty, wellness, and food & drink. Skincare is one of my favorite things to discuss (which you can find more of in the beauty section), but nothing is more gratifying than getting to interview someone about their passions and getting to hype them for a post. 

This site is an infant, so please stick around and grow with it! As they say at the curio shop, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Get in Contact

For inquiries cj@wellnessjournalist.com 

Write for the Wellness Journalist

As mentioned above, I strongly encourage you to submit a story pitch. Everyone’s voice should be heard! 

To submit a pitch

I am looking for authentic, truthful, and well written stories. To submit a pitch, please send the potential name of your post and a short description of your pitch idea, and a short explanation of why your post will bring value to The Wellness Journalist. 
Please send your pitch ideas to write@wellnessjournalist.com